The company behind the boot scrapers / boot cleaners made by CCS Specialised Services LLP, is associated with a commercial cleaning company.  The director of the cleaning company, Simon McGrorty formed the LLP to sell the boot scrapers and boot cleaners.

In 2007 the cleaning company was contracted to a national construction company.  Part of it's service to that company was source and supply.  The construction company asked them to source rugged contstruction site boot cleaners or boot scrapers.  After days of research it was apparent that there were no such products available.  Seeing a niche in the market, the company decided to design a prototype boot cleaner / bootscraper and showed it to the construction company.  They loved it and pruduction of the boot cleaners / boot scrapers began.

Due to the ongoing success of the product, in 2010 it was decided that a seperate company should be formed to overseee the produtction and sales of the boot ot cleaners and boot scrapers.

To date in exess of 100 boot cleaners / boot scrapers have been sold, with many repeat orders being made.